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    Welcome to our site, we are glad you stopped by for a visit! Our family farm in Southern Georgia has over 1,100 free range, laying chickens, along with 100 head of cattle, a few pigs, a pecan orchard, and several types of fruits, depending upon the season. We use no chemical fertilizers, nor do we feed our animals anything containing animal by-products.

    We believe natural is the best way to go. We take the same pride in our foods. Our chicken, beef and pork come from our own stock. Our vegetables and fruits are grown on the farm or obtained from other local farmers with the same values as ours. We do this to ensure the consumer the best possible product, whether you are purchasing a jar of blueberry jam, a quart of Chicken Pot Pie Soup or a dozen of the best eggs you will ever taste.

    Flatland Farms